A Four Line Summary of Ogi and Sai's Plan of Action, and a Useful Comparison to Other Research

So for anyone who doesn't want to wade through the entire history of SurveyFail, here is my four line summary of their plans (pulled from my comment to romaine24 here, and with apologies to the underpants gnomes.)

Ogi and Sai's Plan of Action:

1. Get PhDs
2. Sign Book Deal
3. ???????
4. Profit!

On a more serious note, there is an interesting comparison to be made between their ideas and another science fail that came out today. Netbase Solultions created a search engine called healthbase that is intended to provide useful answers to medical inquiries by gathering together written data from all across the internet. They ran into a few problems.

Jonquil has an excellent collection of laughter-inducing results here. My favorite? One cure for 'cognitive neuroscientist' is 'experimental design'. If only Ogi had had access to this database!

I'm not sure it was clear from my previous posts, but the fact that Ogi and Sai got their PhDs from the Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems is somewhat of an academic formality/designation. In lay terms, they were computer scientists or computer programmers.

Netbase Solutions now has to tweak and refine their algorithm heavily to make sure that it is *useful* and ceases to present 'Dr. Pepper' as a treatment for 'Jew'.

What they were trying to do, which is pull out useful correlations from a gigantic pile of data, is very similar to what Ogi and Sai were attempting; you can be assured that any results the Drs. Programming-Makes-Me-An-Expert-In-Everything produce will have as much validity as offering up Freudian analysis as a cure for vampirism.

Recognizing and Responding to Legitimate and Illegitimate Researchers

On the heels of my two posts on neuroscience, I'm going to try one that's straight-up about research.

Over the course of SurveyFail, I have seen two different attitudes towards researchers that bother me. I am *not* singling anyone out individually over this; I do not think anyone in fandom deserves blame for any of the shit that went down.

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I do hope that this experience has not soured fen on research in general; the vast majority of researchers are not Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam.

ETA: There's a lot of good detail in the comments about how these factors apply slightly differently in different fields and different situations, so I strongly recommend that anyone reading this post read all the way through the comments as well.

Tilting At Windmills: Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Bad Scientists (Neuroscience edition, round 2)

[addendum added just before posting].....fuck, ya'll, what can I say. I was an inspired insomniac. I hope this makes sense.

In reply to the response my first essay received, I have decided to attempt a further deconstruction of the Fail Neuroscience of Drs. Ogas and Gaddam. In a different approach from my first post, I am going to take this one from the ground up and start with the basic building blocks of neuroscience. I'm trying to write for an educated layperson; if I'm not clear about something, please ask. I am also limited at this time from being outside the university system (I would dearly love to do a proper *academic* criticism with citations and everything, but that's out of reach right now).

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Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam's 'research' is a tragic act of biological reductionism.

Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Phrenologists

Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Phrenologists

Although I believe it would be edifying for our two favorite 'cognitive neuroscientists' to read this essay, they are not my audience. Rather, I write to fandom, to hopefully shed some light on why these two wankers think they have scientific validity, and why they in fact do not.

sabrina_il wrote a fantastic essay that is about psychology and what it can and cannot tell you. I am going to try and talk more about the history of neuroscience and why I keep referring to the two Dr. Fails as phrenologists (which is a pretty hefty insult among neuroscientists).

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Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam are attemping to profit off of bad science by cloaking it in complicated terminology and cutting edge technology. We shouldn't let them.

ETA: I now have a second post talking more modeling and what I think Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam intend to do with the 'data'.

This is who I am

I am a former lurker who has just created this livejournal so that I can be part of the ResearchFail or SurveyFail debates. As dear Ogi Ogas turned off anonymous commenting on his lj, this is how I created my name (needed a lj).

I was this anonymouse:




and I hope to have more soon. I do note that Ogi Ogas responded to neither of my posts, as he has not responded to anyone who put forth a substantial argument or critique or has credentials in any of the fields he pretends to know things about.